Understanding The Market: The Key For Success In Any Business

Elizabeth Karlina Saleh, B. Bus

If you ask somebody, whether he or she has achieved his dreams, it is very likely that you would find someone who says that he or she has gone far beyond their wildest expectations. Elizabeth’ story is no difference.

Becoming an entrepreneur has always been Elizabeth’s dream. She was consumed, driven and guided by the ambition to someday, become a businesswoman. It is in her blood. She keeps on pounding, a yard after another.

“I took one of the opportunity to become a self employed person when I was still studying at ITHB. I started a small culinary business without even carefully thinking whether it would run well or not. I just gave it a shot. Of course having my family stood by my side and always willing to cover the extra miles with me, was a huge morale boost during the early days. Today I am reaping what I have sowed.”

The once small business has now developed into a widely known ‘Kebun Begonia’, a resort that provides people with a cozy, beautiful and relaxing space that takes an advantage of the fresh breeze of the mountainous area of Lembang, West Java. Elizabeth’s family is also heavily involved in terms of the daily operations.

Running her own business is indeed a dream comes true. But Elizabeth’s mission is far from over. Complacency is just not in her vocabulary. For her, sky is the limit.

After the successful endeavor at Begonia, Elizabeth moved on to prove her capacity in a professional career. With the qualifications she received from ITHB, it was not too hard for her to secure job in a prestigious company.

“I was given the opportunity to join a Jakarta based market researcher company and I was initially assigned as an account executive. ITHB has amazingly equipped me with critical skills prior to entering the market place. Today, I can enjoy the compliment from my colleagues as one of the most performing young analysts within the company. Thank you ITHB. Most of the things that I have learned at the campus are really applicable in my daily routines as an analyst.”

“I have been travelling regionally to share my ideas, thoughts and perspectives, within the company’s corridor. It’s great and and a lot of fun. Being a frequent flyer throghout South East Asia to conduct training programs is another perk I currently enjoy.

The Career Resource Centre is one of the advantages that ITHB has. It certainly has helped me to be prepared to cooperate, collaborate and sometime compete in the professional world. I found very little gap by the time I kicked off my career. Many other would probably have felt awkward when stepping into the office for the very first time. But it wasn’t the case me.”

Everything that Elizabeth is now enjoying, both as a business woman and a professional, is a corollary of many right decisions in her past. One of such decisions is to study Business Entrepreneurship at ITHB International Program.

If Elizabeth has gone far beyond her dream, you can too.