Success Beyond My Dream: My Own Business in Amsterdam

“Hendry, you came from zero to hero”.

That short and simple phrase was spoken out by Hendry and his friend who witnessed a dramatic change in his personal and professional life.

Hendry was a young man who ran away from a war torn city of Ambon back in 1999, trying to survive and fight for his future. Off from the war zone, he landed in Bandung. The escape was truly a grace and blessing to the unassuming but courageous young man.

He enrolled at ITHB. For Hendry, ITHB was not only a place to get education but more to an institution that prepared his character for a better future.

It was not an easy start. Initially, Hendry thought he had chosen the wrong program. “I thought DKV was similar to Information Technology. So I picked DKV.  Even though it was obviously different than what I thought it would be, but I hung on”. By the fifth semester, things were getting much easier.

After graduation, the grace of God brought Hendry to the Netherlands where he spent his early days as casual worker for a graphic design company, Phonecast Sulutions in Amsterdam.

“Not long after joined in, I was stationed as key designer, followed by a promotion as a project manager, a position that bears huge responsibility. I was entrusted with these very important projects such as a contract with the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affair. The project was elected as one of the nominees at the Accenture Award 2012. The same story with our UnitApp System which was also among the nominees for 2013 Accenture Award.”

At the age of 23, Hendry was assigned to establish the company’s Indonesian branch office. Accordingly, he was promoted to become the Managing Director for the Indonesian operation. “Thank God ITHB has equipped me in many ways, especially with their Career Resource Center. That powerful program not only has increased my motivation to succeed and reach my maximum potential, but also helped me in making business proposals and presentations.”

In the year of 2014, Hendry decided to resign from the company and switched over all his focus to Nanuru Design, his own company.

“Nanuru Design was born in 2009 when I took part in a graphic design competition hosted in the Netherlands. Nanuru Design won 9 of the identity logos as well as branding contest. I was the only non-Dutch runner.”

Today, Nanuru Design that is based in Amsterdam has designed more than 300 apps and tens of websites for companies that are scattered across Europe.

Hendry expanded his wings and he is now working on many projects as a consultant design and User Experience. His service is now sought after by world brands such as Nike, ING Bank and Philips and many involve multi millions Euro projects.

In the midst of his success, Hendry is still dreaming. His wish is to make Indonesian designers stands among the top countries in the world.

As he knows for sure, success is destined for those who dare to dream!