‘Still Life of Fruit & Vegetables’ by Nara Anumila Gnagey

Beginning Drawing
100% manual drawing using color pencils

‘Tap Jewelry Product Cataloque’ by Steven Alexader

Graphic Production Method
Corporate Tap Jewelry

‘Nirmana 2D’ by Vivi Siskayanti

Visual Communication Design
On the first two semesters, students are given knowledge about basic visual language to help them entering the more advanced assignments. This subjects are divided into two types, two and three dimensional matters. Purpose : visual sensitivity training. Visual language theme : Composition, color harmonization, rhythm, depth.

‘Applied typography’ by Devena

Visual Communication Design
Huruf and Tipografi is a subject that gives students perspective about font & typography and how to use them contextually in term of visual communication design. By having knowledge about typography, students will be able to opt and create alphabets according to the needs of design solution.Theme : Music album covers. Purpose : Understand the fundamentals of typography

‘Logo as corporate identity’ by Clarissa Refira

Visual Communication Design
In this semester students will be given about identity in Visual Communication Design. One of the assignments is designing corporate identity, such as creating a logo and its application on various items that are needed.Theme : Visual Identity. Purpose : Understanding the depth of corporate identity.

‘Cityscape’ by Darman Kadir

Visual Communication Design
Students understand the basic techniques of illustration and are trained to apply them in any media properly. This work illustrates the ambience in some corners of Bandung city. Tools : Pencil, Coloring pencil, drawing paper. Theme : Illustration Technique. Purpose : Skill and sensitivity to capture ambience.

‘Clean River Cikapundung’ by Ferydianto Yohanes

Visual Communication Design
Thru this subject, students are trained to be more attentive to social enviromental issues. In this assigment students are asked to design PSA that are closely related to culture, social, and environment. Theme : Public Service Announcement. Purpose : Building Social Awareness.

‘Soyami Brands’ by Kireina Hana Rustandi

Visual Communication Design
This is an advanced design subject in the institution. It improves the ability they’ve learned previously in other subjects. Students are asked to rebrand one particular small business. They design the concept and strategy for this importance, including the application to the most effective medias. Theme : Product rebranding. Purpose : Constructing positive images within a brand.