Persistence Led Me to a Dream Job wih a US Technology Company

Randy Tanudjaja, ST

It was one fine afternoon at Pacific Place – Jakarta when Randy ran into ITHB’s Rector, Dr. Samuel Tarigan. To Randy, it almost felt like a divine encounter. He was a little bit anxious as he was preparing himself for an interview with the HM Sampoerna recruitment team. In a brief conversation, Dr. Samuel gave him the encouragement and optimism he needed. Despite the boost, that was simply not Randy’s best day. He failed the interview. But the words from his rector stay in his mind, “If ITHB graduates from earlier years have successfuuly gone through this and earned good positions within respectable companies, so will I. There is no reason to think otherwise. This is not the end of the world!”

A few months later, Randy took a SAP-TERP 10 test, again in Jakarta. It was not an easy examination because TERP 10 is an internationally recognized professional certificate for SAP associate consultant licensed by SAP AG Germany within SAP University Alliance. And SAP is argualy the world’s best and widely used integrated information system for business. A certification from SAP is a global acknowledgement of a unique blend of knowledge and skills that one has to implement SAP for business performance enhancement. Very few students in Indonesia possess the certification. Randy felt that the preparation for the TERP10 exam was quite painful. He is thankful that ITHB had provided an intensive TERP10 preparation course as part of its curriculum. The course took ten days with detailed materials that were not easy to digest, as it requires a thorough analysis on all manufacturing processes.

At his first attempt, Randy failed the test. Yet again, he did not give up. He persistently struggled to master all the materials and finally passed the test at his second try.

Randy’s persistence eventually paid off. On ITHB Graduation Day 2014, 6th September 2014, after ups and downs in his campus days, Randy stood up as ITHB’s best graduate with a GPA of 3.93. And it was for many other reasons besides his GPA Randy was honored to deliver a graduation speech during the ceremony. There were three keys for success that Randy shared in his speech. First is, “Always do your best. We have to admit that none of us can actually predict the future. We don’t even know for sure what will happen in the next second. I can’t guarantee everything will be all right when you try your best, but my experience taught me that every sweat and tear dropped will be worthy.”

The second is building a good relationship with people around, including the campus and its alumni. And last but not least, is about sending proposal to God, “Remember to rely on His blessings in every step you take. Never be afraid to take risk, for every failure has a lesson to be learnt. And know that He is always with you”

With such a positive attitude, it was not long before Randy achieved even a bigger accomplishment. On October 1st, 2014, he was asked by world’s largest and prestigous US based IT consulting company, Accenture to join a high technology project in Malaysia. His persistence has led him where he wants to be. He knows in his heart, with faith and good attitude, he is more than a conqueror.