Hard work pays off: a scholarship from CIMB Niaga

Jefri Stefanus, ST

In June 2012, Jefri opened a clothing store named Serafim. Being a student and an entrepreneur at the same time demand him to have a good time management. Since morning to afternoon, he focuses on college and getting his tasks done. At night or early morning, he focuses on managing his business. Jefri has to buy materials using public transportation, pack the products, and sent them to his clothing store. 

Jefri gets the Dean’s Scholarship almost every semester during his study in Computer System class of 2011. As a result, his name often appears on the Dean List of ITHB. The BUTIK (Beasiswa Unggulan Teknologi Industri Kreatif) scholarship of CIMB Niaga makes him even more motivated to get higher achievements. From various scholarships and business profits, Jefri can ease his parent’s burden by paying his brother’s tuition and being a breadwinner.

Starting from his dream, with strong will and hard work, Jefri is able to increase his economic standards of living. His family can also enjoy the results of his hard work. However, he is not satisfied yet. He wants to get higher academic achievements and widen his business network, especially since BUTIK gave additional IDR 15 million for his business. His biggest hope and aim today is being a successful entrepreneur. “If other people can succeed, why can’t I?” he said enthusiastically.