Enrollment Tracks

Candidates with strong academic performance during high school may be eligible for the Academic Performance Track or Jalur Prestasi Akademik (JPA). The track gives them the Foundation scholarship (Yayasan Pendidikan Petra) and a waiver for admission test.

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Jalur Prestasi Akademik (JPA - A)
CriteriaRanked 1st-5th at semester 1-4
Scholarship100% of joining fee
Periode01 Feb 2017- 16 Dec 2017
Jalur Prestasi akademik (JPA) - B
Criteriaranked 6th-10th at semester 1-4
Scholarship50% of joining fee
Periode01 Feb 2017- 16 Dec 2017
Early Bird
Criteriaadmitted in ITHB, good academic report
Periode21 August 2017- 16 Dec 2017
FormRp 250,000,-
Criteriaadmitted in ITHB, good academic report
Periode19 Dec 2017 - 17 March 2018
FormRp 250,000,-
Criteriaadmitted in ITHB. good academic report
Periode19 March - 21 July 2018 </p> <p>

Terms of rule:

  1. Complete your JPA form and attach the legalized academic report (semester 1–4) and family register.
  2. JPA is applicable to 16th December 2017 and shortlisted only for those who are qualified.
  3. Harapan Bangsa School of Design applicants are obliged to attach 2 drawings, using HB, 2B, or 3B type of pencil in A3 paper, with 2 different themes. Please contact your admission counselor for this year’s detailed drawing task.
  4. All applicants are required to attach the legalized academic report (semester 1-4)
  5. Requested to attach a Certificate of No Color Blindness (for Visual Communication Design and Fashion Apparel Design candidate).


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