Campus Environment: Secret to Career Survival in Kuala Lumpur

For the past fifteen years, ITHB has shown its continuous commitment to prepare its students for the best future career experience in particularly foreign multinational companies. Thousands of ITHB graduates are currently employed in different parts of the world. In time, their international experience will contribute significantly to the development of Indonesia.

Nicky Ryan Tatumpe (International Business Program class 2011) witnessed this himself when he was a student at ITHB. Nicky was triggered to prepare himself when he found out how his seniors were employed by big companies in various developed countries.

Nicky felt excited when he got his dream job at Accenture, Malaysia. Nicky has now been working for five years in Kuala Lumpur, where he is currently a Project Management Office (PMO) consultant. Presently, he is now handling his clients in a number of hi-tech projects.

Nicky admits that studying at ITHB teaches a student to not be easily satisfied with mediocre results. “The thing that I remember most was when I was taking the final exam for Consumer Behavior. I broke the record by spending 3 hours writing my answer on 24 pages of A4 paper. The test required me to integrate my knowledge about marketing and psychology. I had to write a sharp, yet well-supported answer. This kind of challenge is typical of ITHB. Students are required not only to understand a problem, but also to develop a strategy and apply it in a real case of industry and business.”

Accustomed to loads of class sessions, assignments, and projects that demanded maximum results, Nicky was not surprised when he received intense workload at Accenture. Despite the demanding challenge and high pressure at work, Nicky, who favors Manadonese food for meal, admits that he enjoys his work. In fact, he was once awarded ‘Employee of the Month’. He also regularly receives bonuses and incentives for the achievements he makes in the various project he handles.

“Mastery of IT is a challenge for a business school graduate like me, but I believe that business and IT are inseparable in today’s world. I would like to thank ITHB for having made me the person I am today. I am proud to be an ITHB alumnus.”

Nicky Ryan Tatumpe, B.Bus (Hons)

Business Enterpreneurship Graduate 2012

ITHB International Program

recruited as PMO Consultant, Accenture – Malaysia