Work with stand among nations of the world

Friday, 29/05/2015 10:06 WIB

Azalia Gerungan (Aya), a 21-year-old girl, a second child in her family, who loves travelling, scuba diving, playing piano and reading books, joined Logos Hope at the age of 18. She graduated from SMA Negeri 9 Bandung in 2009. Before joining Logos Hope, she worked at her mother’s Dive Center in Bandung, which also has a franchise at Pelabuhan Ratu-Sukabumi. Now she is one of ITHB students enrolling in the International Program. 

Logos Hope ship is a non-profit organization under GBAships (Good Books for All) which brings knowledge, help and hope to every port it visits around the globe. Bringing knowledge by selling the books on The Largest Floating Bookfair in the world, and setting up some libraries on shore. She assumed the position of Shift Leader in the bookfair, responsible for handling the team and processing books donated from the companies of the United States and UK. She worked for five days a week, and two days for ministry and resting.

With Logos Hope, Aya had a great opportunity to visit several countries abroad, such as UEA, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, and Cambodia. Due to her great dedication and outstanding performance, Logos Hope entrusted Azalia as their ambassador to deliver a presentation about the organization in the countries she visited. 

However, it was the long and winding road for Aya to get to this point. Her family actually wanted her to go to college after she graduated high school, but she wanted to work as a missionary overseas. With strong determination and self-confidence, Aya managed to convince her family to let her do what she wanted to do, which is working as a missionary for Logos Hope’s, while still keeping her intention to continue her education.

Logos Hope has no less than 400 personnel from various cultural backgrounds, but Aya did not let cultural diversity make the relationships among missionaries difficult in performing her duty. She dealt with the cultural differences by sharing and discussion, by which not only problems are solved, but also strengthen their interpersonal relationship. 

The most touching experience for Aya is when she worked in the Philippines, when the country was hit by flood. She worked there for about nine months. She did not hesitate to help the victims, especially those who lived in slum area. Even in such a situation, she tried to keep cheerful in performing her duty. She did it solely for compassion and love for others.

Aya is planning to finish her study in Business Entrepreneurship at ITHB within 3 years. Afterwards, he wishes to pursue a career abroad for several years before coming back to Indonesia. As the younger generation, she feels obliged to make contribution in developing the nation. She wishes to be someone who can make a difference for Indonesia, someone who can bring a positive change, as the saying she loves goes, “A fish can hardly grow bigger if it stays in calm water, but it grows bigger and stronger when lives in a rushing current in an open ocean. Glorifying God, do my best and let God do the rest.

The quote describes her success in gaining the first place in 2014 Putra Putri Harapan Bangsa competition. Her easy going and straight to the point answer impressed the judges on the final round and made her as the winner on the competition.

Congratulation Aya!

International Program: Business Entrepreneurship 2013