Maclaurin Hutagalung, BE, M.Sc, Ph.D.

Dynamical systems theory is useful to explain the behavior of complex systems over time. And, since we live in a changing world, it is important to understand how things change. For example, people use planes, cars, trains to move from one point to another point. Thus, it is important not only to study how people travel, but also it is important to study the means of transport that people use. Once we understand how things work, it is important to control the systems so that they behave according to their specifications.

Our research focus on how to improve the quality of life, especially in Indonesia, using dynamical and control systems theory. That includes how to improve agricultural production, transportation networks, and national defense.

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Elisafina Siswanto, S.T., M.T.

Elisafina Siswanto, lahir di Bandung pada tahun 1989, menerima gelar Sarjana Teknik dari Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa pada tahun 2011 jurusan Teknik Informatika, dan menyelesaikan pendidikan Magister Informatika di Institut Teknologi Bandung pada tahun 2014 Saat ini aktif sebagai pengajar di Departement Teknik Informatika, Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa di Bandung. Minat penelitian adalah pada bidang Pembelajaran Mesin dan Pemrosesan Bahasa Alami.

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Tamsir Hasudungan Sirait, S.Kom., MT.

As high-data-rate sensing mechanisms have proliferated and the value of autonomous decision making has become more widely recognized, many sophisticated techniques have been applied to process data within feedback loops. As a result, interest in estimation and control algorithms suitable for time-critical applications has grown. Professor Brockett’s research is concerned with the development of prototype modules and general principles that can be used to design such systems and to predict how they will interact with their environment.

Robots are one example of computer-controlled machines in which motion control is a central issue. Others include surveillance vehicles, numerically controlled machine tools, autonomous loaders, repair vehicles, etc. Many recent efforts to permit these systems to react to various sensory data in real time incorporate new computational paradigms, such as neural networks and adaptive arrays. In recent work, Professor Brockett and his coworkers have shown how parallel analog algorithms can be used for these purposes and how several problems in combinatorial optimization can be understood in the context of control and dynamical systems.

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Ken Ratri Retno Wardani, S.Kom, M.T

Dosen DPK kopertis Wilayah 4 Jawa Barat, ditempatkan di ITHB sejak tahun 2005. Aktif mengajar untuk matakuliah Desain dan pemrograman web , Pengolahan Citra di ITHB. Minat Penelitian Terkait dengan pengolahan citra digital dan analisis meliputi segmentasi, motion tracking, dan analisis obyek.

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Victor L. B. Manu

Seorang Sarjana Teknik Informatika yang memiliki ketertarikan dalam bidang ilmu informatika, seperti pengembangkan aplikasi komputer baik berbasis web, mobile, desktop maupun game. Pernah terlibat dalam beberapa project mobile dan web dari beberapa perusahaan baik swasta maupun milik pemerintah. Dan kini mengabdi sebagai dosen tetap part-time di ITHB (Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa)

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Arief Samuel Gunawan ST., MIM.

Well designed and integrated Information Systems, especially the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other Enterprise Systems, have become valuable assets for a company’s competitive advantage. Yet the technology itself is not the only factor for successful implementation, it has to be aligned with the companies’ goals, business processes and organization to ensure that the implemented technology is relevant to their actual needs. Therefore our research focus is how to improve the performance and efficiency of business processes in companies of various forms, sizes and industries using suitable information systems, especially in the area of Supply Chain and Logistics, which has gained prominence and has become vital to the Indonesian and global economy.

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Cut Fiarni

Cut Fiarni was born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The author’s educational background is listed as follows: S.Si. in physic department, FMIPA from Institut Technology Bandung (ITB), in 2003 and M.T. in information technology from School of Information Technology, ITB in 2007 .Then in 2008 she pursue her Doctoral Degree at Information Technology, STEI, ITB (on leave). She worked as the lecturer assistance in STEI, ITB during 2007-2011. Currently, she is lecturer at Information System Department ITHB. The research areas of interests are Bussines Intelligent, Data Mining, Decision Analysis, Recommender System and IT Governance.

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Herastia Maharani

Herastia Maharani was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The author’s educational background is listed as follows: S.T. in Informatics Engineering from Institut Technology Bandung (ITB), in 2005 and M.T. in Informatics from School of Information Technology, ITB in 2010. In 2011, she was certified as Oracle 10g Database Certified Associate (OCA) and then escalated her certification to Oracle 10g Database Certified Professional (OCP). She is currently teaching at Information System Department at Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa (ITHB). Her primary research interests are data mining, recommender system, sentiment analysis, search engine technology, and socio-informatics

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Eka Kurnia Asih Pakpahan, ST., MT.

Lahir di Bandung tahun 1982, menyelesaikan studi S1 di Jurusan Teknik Industri Institut Teknologi Bandung pada tahun 2006 dan S2 di tempat yang sama tahun 2014. Mengajar di ITHB sejak tahun 2010.

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Roland YH Silitonga

The Industrial model is built to define the behavior of government, industry, and their interaction with macro-environment in order to improve its competitiveness. Here, the governmental element is hoped to create a conducive environment, by giving the right policies. Therefore the main activity in this industry is mapped using value chain analysis. Influences of policy mix on each activity is prepared, and competitiveness indicators uses market share based on industrial data from the past, the model is going to be utilized to simulate policy mix given by government in improving competitiveness of the industry.

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Sonna Kristina , ST, MT

Born in bandung in 1983. Getting a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering at 2005 from Maranatha Christian University and Getting a Master degree in Industrial Engineering at 2009 from ITB. Began teaching in 2005 until now.

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Ari Setiawan

He started the carrier as a manufacturing engineer in aircraft industry. As in a global company, he had a lot of experience to handle the state-of-the-art manufacturing system, such as Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). FMS is suitable for medium variation and medium volume of production. To develop the experience, he learned the FMS at machine tool builders in Germany, Japan and China. Since he contributes in ITHB, his researches on analytical and practical approach are submitted in international conference and published in national and international journal. Beside FMS, he is also interested in CNC machines, manufacturing processes and maintenance system.

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Egi Anwari, S.Sn., M.Ds.

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Julians C. Riwoe

Telah menikah, memiliki 2 anak. suka traveling, sekarang mengajar di STIE Harapan Bangsa & ITHB untuk mata kuliah akuntansi keuangan

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