ITHB Industrial Engineering Department on the Top Five at the 2016 Industrial Engineering Scientific Competition

ITHB’s Industrial Engineering Department has recently proven in a nation-wide competition that they are eligible to be among Indonesia’s best Engineering Departments.

Starting the year of 2016 by winning a top-fifteen position at the Industrial Engineering Competition (IECOM) at ITB in January, the Harapan Bangsa Industrial Engineering team triumphed over tens of competitors from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand in the international competition.

Earlier this year in March, the Harapan Bangsa Industrial Engineering Team, which consisted of Vicky, Sienli, Jelly, and Tommy, tested its competence again at the 2016 Industrial Engineering Scientific Competition (LKTI), a national competition for industrial engineering students.

In the first round, the Harapan Bangsa Team booked a remarkable achievement after obtaining the highest score in a quiz containing forty questions on various related disciplines, such as Statistics, Cost Analysis, and Engineering Economics. In the next stage, contestants were to perform a simulation in which they should act as online business owners. In the simulation, they had to employ a strategy to win the highest profit and cover marketing costs. After defeating favorite teams from ITS, UNS, USU, UPH, President University, and Binus, the Harapan Bangsa Team eventually stepped into the final round.

In the last stage of the competition, the Harapan Bangsa Team was challenged by finalists from Gajah Mada University, Ubaya, Unpar, and UBM. The team members were to conduct a case study in which required them to perform direct observation and data collection at the Zalora warehouse in Cibitung, Bekasi. They found the vast knowledge they had learned from their lecturers to be very handy. Thanks to their hard effort, they successfully presented their proposal on process efficiency improvement before Zalora’s board of directors.

The theme chosen by UI as host of this year’s LKTI was sustainable Internet-based business and digital distribution. Apparently, the theme was in line with ITHB’s vision to open a Supply Chain Management (SCM) excellent study program in the forthcoming 2016-2017 academic year, which will be one of the first SCM study programs and the only IT-based SCM study program in Indonesia.

The journey to the final stage was not at all easy. The Harapan Bangsa LKTI Team was faced with a number of obstacles, such as health condition and nervousness. However, by God’s grace, the team members eventually accomplished a proud achievement at the national and even international level.

“We decided to give some time for the sick member to rest while giving him our continuous support and tried. We also tried to always be optimistic. We are glad to have been able to carry the name of ITHB and defeated many teams from other reputable universities,” said a team member.