ITHB Extends Gods Blessings To Disaster Victims

Flood water and land slide after nights of torrential rain in North Sulawesi which left about 20 perished, tens are still missing, thousands displaced and hundreds of homes swept away, has sent the city remains in the grip of its worst flood on record. The disaster state of emergency declared by the local administration has come to an end, Tuesday February 11, 2014.

Meanwhile as the province is fighting its way to return to the full scale, Indonesia as a nation is in fact experiencing waves of disasters. One is North Sumatera where Mount Sinabung has been extremely active sending thousands of people to the refuge compounds as relief missions continue. As many as 15 people were reportedly dead on Saturday’s (2/2) eruption. On that black Saturday, the rampaging mount was recorded to have unmounted lava and pyroclastic flows 4,5 km down from its peak.

And the fact is ITHB has many of its students coming from these two cities.


In Manado, ITHB has managed through its representatives working on the ground to set up a gathering which carried a main objective to generate a relief fund for the flood victims. On the 10th February 2014, the meeting took place at Cabe Merah Restaurant Paal 2, Manado. ITHB was represented by two of its Manado partners – Mr. Yonathan Lengkong and Mr. Samuel Karwur. As many as eight students were enlisted to have had their houses washed away by a 2-3 meters mighty flood.

On the evening ITHB generated the relief fund, members of family representing the students were all over the moon, full of praise to the initiative that demonstrate an abundant care and love, despite the unwanted nightmare. Mr. Yonathan Lengkong on behalf of ITHB was equally pleased as he handed over the relief fund. He was quoted to have delivered words of encouragement to the families, asking them to stay strong in their hope and faith to the Lord.


Meanwhile,ITHB students have managed to raise some funds to help the refugees of Sinabung. They sent some sweaters, coats, blankets; which really needed by the people of Sinabung to cope with the freezing temperature at the shelters.

At the end of the day, the humanitarian mission was such a great blessing to the people even it wasn’t in a massive scale of operation. As Mother Theresa has ever said, not everyone is entrusted to do a great thing. But everyone of us is definitely able to do some small things with a great, massive and giant passion, love and cares.

To the people of Manado, “Mari Jo Bangkit!”

To the people of Tanah Karo, “Horas!”