Indonesia: A land of opportunity for the passionate learners

Aditya Dwi Anggoro

As one of the most populated countries in the world, Indonesia has millions of working-age university graduates without permanent jobs. This problem is largely due to the gap between the needs that are present in the market and the competencies produced by the universities.

The problem is also aggravated by the invasion of overseas workers which in so many cases are keeping the local resources at bay. Globalization once hailed as a great opportunity by many developing countries, could certainly back fire as it seems to be the case today. But these facts do not necessarily diminish the great opportunity provided by the abundant natural resources and huge market size available in the country.

“All these unfolding facts, left Indonesian laborers – including university graduates-, with no choice but to build sound competitive advantages so that they can be masters in their own country. Having the relevant skills, character and attitude, will  support them to be the leaders and winners in their chosen industry,” said Aditya Dwi Anggoro in the Alumni Sharing event held in Harapan Bangsa campus.

When he studied at the Management program at Harapan Bangsa Business School, Aditya found his passion in Finance. But interestingly, he decided to work as a programming consultant at PT Anabatics, a renowned IT consulting agency in Indonesia, due to the bright career prospect in the field. The large demand for IT consultants in the country has caused Aditya to start his career even before he finished his study.

He once wondered, “How could it be possible for me, a bachelor of Management program who is enthusiastic in Finance, to work in Programming?” But Aditya is one of a few university graduates who understand that adaptability and the passion to learn are the two keys to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment.

It has been two years since Aditya joined Anabatics and he now has explored the characteristics of several industries by implementing Optimized Solution for his clients. It turns out that the knowledge in IT and finance that he studied at Harapan Bangsa Shool of Business were key to accomplishing his job.

In the alumni sharing event, Aditya shared his view on a number of competitive advantages for fresh university graduates who aspire to enter the field of IT-Finance consulting. Those include qualities such as: good attitude and communication skill, sound knowledge in accounting and finance, strong analytics and problem solving skills, mastery of Query Language, fluency in English, and fluency in spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Excel.

“You are responsible for your own success, and the most important things in facing and undertaking all activities in the professional world are knowledge and attitude,” he said.

At the end of the event, Aditya shared a quote that has always motivated him to reach his dream, “Don’t follow the path that most people take. Find a new path, and leave your traces there. Make other people follow your traces.”