Harapan Bangsa IT Graduates: In Pursuit of Professional Careers in Japan

Wednesday, 08/01/2016

ISFnet, a Japanese IT company, recently signed an agreement with ITHB. As part of the agreement, ISFnet will scout ITHB IT graduates and challenge them to develop their career in Japan or its many branches worldwide. Operating on a global scale, ISFnet sees its newly sealed partnership with ITHB as a strategic move since ITHB is an IT-based campus. In ISFnet’s view, ITHB’s CISCO-certified graduates are energetic people who are willing to work hard for their future.

On October 20, 2015, ISFNet CEO and founder Yukiyoshi Watanabe visited ITHB on his tour to ISFNet offices in Southeast Asia. Watanabe was accompanied by ISFNet Singapore Managing Director Masanobu Maeda and ISFNET Singapore Business Development Manager Andrew Guo.

Immediately after his arrival at ITHB campus, Watanabe was engaged in a meeting with ITHB Rector Dr. Ir. Samuel Tarigan, MBA. and a number of university staff members. Also present in the meeting were 27 ITHB students and alumni who were preparing themselves for departure to Japan. In his address, Watanabe explained that ISFNet was founded in 2000 by no more than five people, but the workforce has now grown to 4,000 and still counting. ISFNet is currently looking forward to opening its US office in March next year.

As CEO, Watanabe explained about the company’s policy to maintain a 50:50 ratio between Japanese and international employees. In addition to its general workforce, ISFNet also hires people with disability, people who work from their home, and part-time workers. Thanks to this policy, the Japanese government and those of some other Asian countries have targeted the company for their comparative study programs.

ITHB prides itself on the fact that for the first time since its establishment, a large number of its alumni are being recruited to work in one of the most industrially and technologically advanced countries in the world. The collaboration with ISFNet surely promises a positive change.