Indomobil Director ITHB Students to Pursue Career Opportunities in the Automotive Industry

Thursday, 17/12/2015

Think of ITHB students as future professionals in the making. Preparing them to reach the top of their future career requires sharpening their mind with a top leader’s way of thinking. Motivated by this belief, ITHB runs a routine program called CEO TALK, in which leaders at the national scale are invited to share their expertise and experience to the Harapan Bangsa students.

On 13th November 2015, ITHB invited a top guest of honor, Dr. Ing. Gunadi Sindhuwinata, former President Director (2002-2012) and Chairperson of the Board of Commissioners of P.T. Indomobil Sukses Internasional Tbk. or Indomobil Group. This time talked raised the theme “Economic Growth and the Development of the Automotive Industry”.

The Indonesian automotive industry is a highly promising industry, churning 1.2 million automobiles and 8 million motorcycles per annum. Opportunities to develop careers and become entrepreneurs in the industry are wide open. “The automotive industry is set into motion by a huge number of workers as it involves various business sectors. Currently, about 2 million people are employed in the industry,” explained Gunadi.

Yet, like in all other lines of industries, the automotive industry is faced with a common aspect of globalization, namely liberalization of trade. “Having a competence is a must. Without it, we’ll lose the battle,” added Gunadi. “We have to be smarter, more productive, and more efficient.”

Another trait that workers or future workers must possess is a strong character. “Many Indonesian graduates venture out to different parts of the globe. This is made possible because they have competence and strong character. We do not need any further evidence to prove the intellectual quality of our students. Gold medals have been won in international competitions. The ASEAN Economic Community, for example, provides an arena in which we compete at a more or less equal level. The question is who is more competent and thus better? A strong character is a strategic weapon that you can use to win,” revealed Gunadi, who also teaches at the Doctoral Program of the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia.

In line with Gunadi’s view, ITHB offers Core Skills and Character Building courses since the early semesters to prepare its students for future global competition. ITHB Rector Dr. Ir. Samuel Tarigan, MBA admitted that Dr. Ing. Gunadi Sindhuwinata’s presence at the campus gave an important meaning. Gunadi is an excellent example of a person who not only highly respects education, but also managed to obtain the highest academic achievement as well as a top professional career in life.

Tarigan continued, “I want our students to have a big dream. But dream alone is not enough. One should start to set the gear into motion. Being an entrepreneur is a good way that progressive young people can choose. There are always places for creativity amidst the complexity of the automotive industry.” Indonesia is a huge market. International investors and workers are targeting Indonesia. Indonesian graduates must be ready to compete to anticipate this challenge.