Competitive Yet Promising Careers in Singapore

Freddy has a five-year experience as an IT Consultant. Despite his remarkable achievement, when over fifty Harapan Bangsa students recently met him in Singapore during a study tour, he seemed to still maintain the same humble Harapan Bangsa attitude he nurtured during his study at ITHB.

Freddy is very grateful for the fact that ITHB has provided him with the most important knowledge, skills, and attitude to succeed in life. “I had always wanted to work in Singapore. For in my mind, the pay would be good, and it would give me an exposure to the world’s best practices. But, the competition here is quite fierce. Fortunately, ITHB taught me to always have the vision and determination to make it happen. And here I am now enjoying a very promising career in Singapore”.

Medan – Bandung – Taipei – Amsterdam & The Journey Continues

“At ITHB, every day is a life-changing experience even though you do not realize it. In the four years of my study at ITHB, I was transformed from a simple girl from Medan into a professional ready for a global career.”

After graduating from ITHB, Lili Yanti was accepted as a postgraduate student at National Taiwan University, an internationally reputable university. Two years later, she got a job as a supply chain manager for a Taipei-based Dutch company.

And, she has not forgotten how the close relationship with lecturers nurtured her confidence to start off her career. She made a special trip to meet Harapan Bangsa leaders when they happened to be in Taipei.

She still keeps moving forward. Lily is now living in the Netherlands, working for the same manufacturing company.

Meeting The Right People at ITHB Has Brought Me to Australia

After completing two-year study at ITHB Art & Design Study Program, Felicia Guyadi took her final year at RMIT Melbourne, Australia.

“My activities at ITHB International Program Student Association, the curriculum, and the interaction between the lecturers and the students have transformed me into a high achiever. I remember struggling under the strenuous emphasis on in-class participation, it helped me build the communication skill that proved to be immensely useful in the long run. It was a perfect blend of learning approaches for the stage of life that I was at.”