Competitive Yet Promising Careers in Singapore

Freddy has a five-year experience as an IT Consultant. Despite his remarkable achievement, when over fifty Harapan Bangsa students recently met him in Singapore during a study tour, he seemed to still maintain the same humble Harapan Bangsa attitude he nurtured during his study at ITHB.

Freddy is very grateful for the fact that ITHB has provided him with the most important knowledge, skills, and attitude to succeed in life. “I had always wanted to work in Singapore. For in my mind, the pay would be good, and it would give me an exposure to the world’s best practices. But, the competition here is quite fierce. Fortunately, ITHB taught me to always have the vision and determination to make it happen. And here I am now enjoying a very promising career in Singapore”.

Campus Environment: Secret to Career Survival in Kuala Lumpur

While studying at ITHB, Nicky saw that many multinational companies came to ITHB to recruit its best fresh graduates. One of these companies was Accenture, a US-based and arguably world’s largest technology consulting companies. Its recruitment has been held for more than 10 times at Harapan Bangsa campus, resulting in more than 65 fresh graduates working overseas.

“I was recruited by Accenture as a project management officer. It was a fantastic beginning for anyone who is starting-off a career in technology. Thank you ITHB, for every encouragement from the lecturers, staff, and friends that has helped me reach my dream!”