A visit to open our eyes : Malaysia & Singapore study tour 2014

Azalia Gerungan- Putri Harapan Bangsa 2014

There I sat on the cable car, holding my breath like a statue. I adored God in my heart while crossing the green forest hill under the sky which was turning dark. We, 50 people from ITHB, finally arrived on top of Genting Highlands Malaysia, which is 6000 feet above sea level. We stayed overnight in the biggest hotel there that has 6118 rooms, The First World Hotel. We started early on that day at 2 a.m., travelled to Cengkareng-Jakarta airport, then landed smoothly on Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA-2). It was our first day.

The next day, we visited Asia Pacific University (APU) and Lim Kok Wing University. How cool it was to experience and observing the international atmosphere of those campuses. “We are recently cooperating with ITHB, so anyone of you is able to continue your study in our campus,” said our host in APU.

Later on that day we met and heard the ITHB alumni who work in Accenture Malaysia sharing their experiences. Meeting Karishma and Nicky was my highlight. I felt motivated after a chat with them that I should finish my IP-course well, and that I hope someday I’ll be successful like one of them, as they were once on the same path I am now.

Then, we headed to Singapore by bus. Glad to be back in this cool modernized innovated and super-tech country again! We went to NEWater, where we learned how Singaporean water is processed. We also visited the Land Transport Gallery where we learned all about transportation in Singapore. The cool insight of Singapore also been discovered to us in Singapore Discovery Center.

Beside enjoying these awesome places, I enjoyed meal times in some buffet, some ethnic asian restaurants as I could get to know more friends who I haven’t even spoken to before.

However, our flight back was a frightening experience as well as a miracle. Due to the bad weather, our plane was so close to the land, but suddenly took off again and wandering around the dark sky. I believe everybody was worried. But as we were praying, after 1,5 hours the pilot made it to land smoothly in Husein Sastranegara Airport. I can say that it was a miracle from God!

Overall, it was such a great privilege for me to explore Malaysia and Singapore in 5 days. I believe Indonesia has a lot of potentials to compete with these neighbor countries.

“I must become a hope for the nation in my role,” I promised myself.

Thank you ITHB for the great experience!