10th ITHB commencement: half already employed before graduations

Saturday, September 5th 2015 was a special day for ITHB for a very important event was to take place that day. Preparations were made for the successful organization of the 10th ITHB Graduation.

Taking place at Harris Hotel Convention Hall, Jl. Peta 241 Bandung and attended by more than 1,000 people, the academic festivity was actually a welcome and farewell event. At the commencement, ITHB not only conferred bachelor degrees to 218 fresh graduates, 29 of whom earning cum laude distinction, but also inaugurated 334 new students. Distinction awards were given to Simon Filippus Hutahuruk (GPA 3.96, Mobile Technology Program), Caecilia Lidya Supianto (GPA 3.93, Accounting Program), and Karen Beverly (GPA 3.65, International Program). In addition, Hans Yulian (the Informatics Engineering Program), who completed his study in only 2 years and 9 months, was recognized for his outstanding achievement as graduate with shortest study time.

The ceremony was also attended by Region IV (West Java) Private Higher Education Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdul Hakim Halim M.Sc and Chairperson of West Java and Banten Commissariat VI A of the Indonesian Association of Private Higher (Aptisi), Dr. Ir. H Budi Djatmiko.

In his address to the new graduates, Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdul Hakim Halim M.Sc. reiterated the importance of character, quality and competence in the globalized era. The fact that our human resources still lag behind those of some Asian countries that gained their independence more recently than ours should be our common concern, said the Professor.

Meanwhile, ITHB Rector Dr. Ir. Samuel Tarigan, M.B.A. reminded the graduating students of their mission to bring positive changes to the nation by building on the Q-3C-P principle. “Qualification, competence, character, calling and performance are the most important values to uphold in any work place. Today you received the qualification: a degree and an internationally recognized professional certification. However, you need to make sure that you keep aligning and improving your competence, character and also commitment to your calling, “Dr. Tarigan emphasized.

On the occasion Dr. Tarigan also congratulated the 29 students who graduated cum laude, expressing his deepest thankfulness for the fact that prior to the 2015 graduation day, 49% of the students of Class 2015 had been employed at some of the world’s leading companies.

In his sharing session, the best graduate of the year Simon Filippus Anderson Hutahuruk pointed out that it was important to be an intelligent person, but that it was more important to be a hardworking person with strong integrity and faith. This came from someone who once doubted himself for being able to finish his degree after working for three years in Japan as a blue collar worker. He demonstrated that with hard work, not only he could finish his study, but also complete it really well.

In addition, Marissa Sitanggang, Industrial Engineering Program alumna from Class 2009, asserted that vast knowledge about business processes in many industries was one of her main strengths. Currently working as an IT consultant at the prestigious multinational consulting firm Accenture Malaysia, Sitanggang admitted that she gained her knowledge while still studying at ITHB. She also emphasized that in the early years of career, gaining experience and knowledge is far more important than getting the best salary. She said that when the multinational company she is working with recognized her competencies, she was given a huge raise to keep her staying in the firm.